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Western Divestments is an Alberta owned and operated company that specializes in property divestment marketing strategies for the oil & gas industry.

A pioneer in providing listings to the oil & gas industry, Western Divestments has paved the way when providing effective marketing strategies using the right mix of internet technology and print media.

In today’s market, the difference between a sale and lost opportunity may well depend on the way your company presents its data.

No matter what the size, Western Divestments can design and implement an efficient and cost-effective marketing program that will guarantee full exposure for your disposition.

With one of the most extensive databases of buyer leads, Western Divestments can minimize sales problems and improve the packaging process; producing clear sales results.


Pandell Logo   Pandell is the foremost industry provider of O&G back-office solutions. With time and cost-saving tools that manage JV accounting, land, AFE tracking, and resource economics, Pandell’s Nexus Suite is the backbone for hundreds of junior and intermediate oil and gas companies across North America.
GeoLogicLogo   geoLOGIC systems ltd. provides well data and integrated software solutions to the energy and production industry. geoLOGIC is an innovator in supplying data in more accessible and usable forms so clients can make better decisions - from the well head to senior levels of accounting and administration.
Geo Webworks   Geo Webworks is web-based access to key Western Canadian oil and gas data tied to powerful mapping, reporting and table functionality. Geo Webworks provides comprehensive and timely access to a collection of important data sets such as wellbore, lease, production, pressure data and pipeline reports.
www.shorttermlandsolution.ca   "With over thirty years in the Land Discipline of the Oil and Gas Industry, Lore Robichaud offers, on a consulting basis, a comprehensive and diverse experience base for all your Land Administration needs." Whether it's specializing in short-term solutions to bolster your existing Land Group, or taking care of all your administrative needs in a small or start-up company, Lore Robichaud is an excellent choice to help you complete your projects to their successful conclusion.
PinnacleLogo   Since 1986, Pinnacle Consulting Services Inc. has supported the energy industry with placement of a comprehensive range of over 400 professional consultants in land negotiations, mineral land administration, contract analysis, surface administration, joint venture administration, acquisitions and divestiture, and land systems.
Hydro-Fax Logo  

HydroFax has a Library of over 30 regional hydrodynamic evaluations across the Western Canadian sedimentary basin. Supporting them is a library of  detailed water analyses to support the aquifers as mapped. Hydrodynamics offers through the analyses of Drill Stem tests, mapped recovery of reservoir fluids present gas, oil, water along with the qualitative permeability determination represented by the reservoir tested.

A regional and local insight of what energy each reservoir has maintained from the discovery to current. Ranging from High pressure to sub-normally low. Very important things to know about your reservoirs potential.

HydroFax offers both hydrodynamic and Petro-physical expertise to assist the end user resolve any problems or questions regarding aquifer distribution. Also, if required we can provide values for water saturation (rw), porosity (o), pay thickness (h) and permeability (k) for the reservoir’s being evaluated.

Lunchbox Theatre Logo   Lunchbox Theatre is recognized as one of the most successful noon hour theatre companies in the world. From a foundation of one-act plays, we're committed to creating and performing high quality theatrical works.

Lunchbox Theatre delivers a unique experience to its audience – upbeat performances in an intimate and comfortable atmosphere. Patrons are encouraged to enjoy the play while you eat your lunch! This audience-friendly approach makes Lunchbox Theatre an ideal place to introduce theatre to new audiences, young and old.





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